Monday, 21 July 2014

Where Have I Been?

Oh my god it has been nearly 2 months since I last posted!! I am so sorry! I am back now and promise never to hide away from blogging for such a ridiculously long time!

The past 6 weeks or so have been a very busy and hectic time for me. I quit my job, found a new one, packed up my room and moved back to my beloved Manchester which was my home through the Uni years. Settled into my new home, it was time to jet off to Majorca for a week to catch some rays. I ended up catching the rays a little too much and brought back some sunburn as a personal souvenir. The holiday provided a great opportunity to have (a subtle) raid of the duty and pick a few discounted bits!

Back to the beauty side of things, I've got a combined haul coming up for your guys, bits that I picked up from the airport, drugstore and my first Cosmetics Fairy order. This week I have also signed up to a 6 month subscription of BirchBox! I am superrrr excited as it's been a very long time coming, watching too many reviews and so many other bloggers unwrapping their exciting little parcels each month, I couldn't resist any longer! I think the website said your first box can take around 3 business days to arrive so I'm sitting here waiting very impatiently to join in the fun of discovering 5 new products every month.

Thanks for being so patient with me! Lots of love!