Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello lovely ladies! I am now part of the #BritishBloggerSelection, set up by the lovely Ellie.

Every week members of the group will receive a theme to write about, and you can participate whenever you like, whether it's every week, or just now and then. For the theme you can write about whatever you like, whether  you're a beauty blogger, fashion blogger, a food blogger or love writing about anything else.

If you would like become part of the #BritishBloggerSelection then contact Ellie from Little Vintage Camera with your full name and the name and URL of your blog and she will sign you up :)


Monday, 28 October 2013

Neutrogena Cracked Heel Cream

Now feet aren't normally a hot topic for discussion, and nobody likes talking about feet.. but everyone LOVES having soft, smooth feet without an cracks. During the summer I neglected my feet and let my flip flops destroy my heels.. not a pretty sight! following a recommendation from good ol' mum I purchaded this AMAZING foot cream  and it seems to have done the trick!

I have been using it a couple of times a week over the past 5 weeks or so and the results have been amazing! Now I'm not going to post before and afters of my feet.. cos that would be a bit gross so you will have to take my word for it that my feet are all nice and smooth, like a baby's bottom. This Neutrogena Norwegian formula cracked heel foot cream claims to "help repair cracked heels from day 1" a statement I think I would have to agree with. The instructions recommend for it to be applied twice a day, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to commit to my feet twice a day. If I did use it as directed, woah, just imagine the results, phenomenal no doubt. The consistency is lovely and creamy, not too thick, not runny and the foot cream ha a gentle almondy-vanilla smell, sort of difficult to make out. It smells that lovely.. I am tempted to use it on my face!

Although this product is lovely, I must note that I have also been using a Scholl foot scrub (review to come at a later date) which may have skewed the results! The two products work well together, but I think this cream is worthy of a lot of the credit.

Result: happy happy feet!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner


Already a big fan of the Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner it was an absolute necessity to explore the other liquid liners in the Rimmel range. And I'm pleased to say that this Glam Eyes liner did not disappoint! I went for the colour 008 Aqua Glow, which is a gorgeous teal colour. It can be worn on its own, but as I don't like having bare lids I prefer it worn with beigey/cream eye shadow.
I was really impressed with its lasting power, as it powered through a day's work, well into the evening, without any need for reapplication. The consistency is pretty thick and it dries reasonably fast, avoiding the fear of smudging. I wasn't really a fan of the brush, as it wasn't flexible and a little difficult to use. If only the coloured liners had a different brush!! Apart from that, there is absolutely nothing I can fault the product for, and will definitely look into getting more colours.

(apologies, I seem to look a bit startled, blame the light!)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

NOTD: Calvin Klein Splendid Color Nail Polish

Slowly working through my bargain beauty steals from the Fragrance Direct website, I've finally got around to properly trying out this Calvin Klein splendid colour nail polish in the colour Silverstreak, which is a beautiful shiny silver.

Although the colour is absolutely beautiful I was slightly disappointed with its longevity, or should I say the lack of. I generally struggle with finding good nail varnishes, as I seem to be very chip-prone with whichever brand I use ... but I was disappointed that I noticed a chip the day after application.

I gave it a few more chances and achieved slightly better results. Whether it is just me or this particular nail polish, but unfortunately we didn't bond as well as I would have liked. Or maybe I need a better top coat? I don't know. Although disappointed, I haven't ruled out trying more of the nail polishes by CK, as I do love other products in the cosmetics range.

Have you tried any of the Calvin Klein nail polishes? would love to know how you got on!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Victoria's Secret Beauty Products

With only a handful of Victoria's Secret stores in the UK I feel utterly obliged to go in one if I happen to be in one of the stores' host cities. I first discovered VIctoria's secret and their wonderful cosmetics and beauty range whilst studying abroad in the USA a couple of years ago. When I first found out about VS stores opening in the UK I got very excited, but unfortunately the cosmetics range is nowhere near as extensive as it is in the US stores. But hey, atleast we've got something.
Seeing as there was a 5 for £30 offer on, I felt it would be rude not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. With so many products in the beauty range it was very difficult to choose only 5, but after a lot of deliberation I finally settle on my favourites. I'm a big fan on sweet, floral scents and sweet, sugarry, vanilla scents, so here's what I got: 

Fragrance mists: in Sugared Lilac and Pure Daydream (both smell really sweet and absolutely divine!)

Body moisturisers: in Love Spell and Pure Dream to compliment the fragrance mist.
In terms of consistency, these were probably my favourite over the body butters (I feel theyre too thick and get under my nails, awks) and the body lotions (which are quite runny and I don't really feel they leave your skin that well moisturised), as they were just perfect.
and finally a body wash in Pure Seduction
I felt that Pure Seduction and Pure Daydream had a very similar scent, but Pure Daydream was little bit sweeter and a little lighter.
It was so difficult to choose as they all smell so nice! Have you tried any of Victoria's Secret beauty products? Would love to hear which are your favourite!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips // Jumping on the bandwagon

This lovely little lip balm is a favourite amongst beauty bloggers so I thought I would give it a try ... and I am very pleased to announce that I fully support the baby lips hype! I usually forget to wear lip balms, leaving my lips under nourished (naughty, I know) so I thought I would go on the hunt for a perfect lip balm that wouldn't be a chore to remember to apply. Struggling to make a decision, I decided to go for Pink Punch, as whenever faced with such a tough decision I usually opt for the pink, haha.

 I expected this to be a light pink, barely there kinda colour, as coloured lip balms generally tent to be, but the pigmentation exceeded my expectations. For some reason applied on my hand it looks a fair bit lighter that when worn on the lips. The Maybelline baby lips balm applies really well and my lips feel love and soft for a long while after application. I have been using it for a few weeks now and would highly recommend it! I am a bit of a lippy junkie, although lips balms do get cast aside too often. I will probably be purchasing another one as I do love it, but a clear one this time I think.

Have you used any of on the Maybelline Baby lips? Would love to hear which was your favourite :)


Sunday, 6 October 2013

NOTD: Bourjois Paris Manicure Nail Toppings & Models Own Nail Polish

I thought I would try something new and had a play with nail caviar. Various brands have introduced these but I decided to settle with the Bourjois Paris Manicure Nail Toppings in Coral Bikini. The little Coral Bikini beads consist of beautiful reds, oranges, golds and silvers. The base colour I used is a Models Own nail polish from the pastel collection in the colour Fuzzy Peach which I thought would be a good match. I think it would also look good with white or gold polishes, which would be nice to try in the future.


As pretty as these are, I found the nail toppings a little difficult to work with. The neck of the bottle is quite wide, so when applying these make sure you have a sheet of paper with the corners folded up, or a box underneath your hand to collect the excess (which there will be a lot of). I experimented with one and two coats of the base colour and found that two base coats work better, as the nail toppings seemed to stick much better. In terms of durability, I have mixed feelings. The beads on one of my hands lasted considerably better than on the other, so I would recommend you leave any cleaning or any fiddly duties till after you take the toppings off.
The nail toppings do look lovely, but as they don't last particularly well I am hesitant as to whether or not I would purchase any more colours.
How was your experience with nail toppings/caviar? Would love to hear your tips on getting them to stay on for longer :)

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