Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 Resolutions

Some say that resolutions are made to be broken, but this year I plan on sticking to at least 80% of mine (leaving some room for failing will power there). In 2014 I'm going to categorise my resolutions in 3 sections and hopefully stick to all of them! No doubt there is something that's been missed off, but if I think of anymore I will add them on. Some of these may seem like small, silly things but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Beauty and Health

  • Moisturise post EVERY shower. I am so bad at looking after my skin but this year that is going to change! Moisturising my skin is something that gets forgotten about completely, especially in the winter, but as I have dry skin that's very naughty. So far I'm doing well..
  • Improve my facial skin care routine. This will involve setting aside time every evening to cleanse, tone and moisturise, as well finding new great products which work well with my skin type.
  • Use a hair mask at least once a week.
  • Lose 10kg (by the end of May) and learn to maintain the weight I'm happy with. This is one that I'm probably going to struggle with the most. My weight generally yo-yos as I am normally good at losing a bit of weight in the summer if I watch what I eat, but then autumn comes around, then winter and its endless turkeys and Christmas puddings and it all piles back on again. I find dieting quite difficult as I absolutely love food, so a good aid for me is usually doing exercise whilst limiting what I eat.
  • Either join the gym or take up a new class - like Zumba, or something else fun.
  • Drink green tea at least every other day.


  • Blog at least twice a week. Since starting this blog I've been so busy with my new job and generally adapting to life after university that I've been making too many excuses of 'too tired, will blog tomorrow'. This year, there will be no more procrastination and I will actually stick to my plans. I haven't yet selected my blogging days, but most likely will be Sundays and Wednesdays, and I will try to throw in some additional general life posts.
  • Join blogger networks. In 2014 I would like to get more involved in the beauty blogger community and join some blogger network to discover great new blogs and increase my number of followers.
  • Reach X number of followers. I am unsure of what would be a reasonable target, 365 days is a long time but I also don't want to sound too over ambitious. My aim is just to keep writing about products I love and others I come across along the way and hope that you guys enjoy reading about them!
  • Project pan - 10 items. I am a total hoarder when it comes to make up and beauty products. Like a child with a new toy, when I discover a new product, the old one gets thrown to the back of the drawer, not to be seen again for agesssss. Upon re-discovery I mean to use the product but never seem to actually get round to it as something new always ends up distracting my attention.

General life plans

  • Improve my time management skills. I am a massive list maker.. but never actually manage to complete everything on my to-do list! Not entirely sure how I will get around that one but I'm working on it... (any tips much appreciated!)
  • Take a photo a day.  A few people I know have done this in previous years and it looks like a lot of fun, documenting your year in photos. I'm doing well so far and have a few ideas for the rest of January, but really wondering how I'll keep up come February! Will definitely require some inspiration, ideas welcome... If all fails I'll have to resort to selfies! (Please save me from this!)
  • Camp at a festival.  Having never been to a proper camping festival I think this is definitely a right of passage for every youngster. I've only really been to Parklife in Manchester, but always had the comfort of my own bed to return to at night and Hideout in Croatia, but we had a lovely apartment to come home to. I'm pretty I wouldn't cope with camping in the scorching heat, so that would only leave camping in the UK, with the ever looming chance of torrential rain.. when you least expect it. I would ideally like to do V Fest or Creamfields as the line ups are generally pretty amazing, but we'll see!
  • Colour run. How much fun does that look??
  • Have a go at Ebay.  This year I want to be more thoughtful with my purchases and only buy things if I really need them. In recent years I have collected an array of things that I either don't use or like anymore but which are still in a great condition, so I'm hoping Ebay will help de-clutter my shelves and make way for something new.
  • Car boot sale. I did one of these this summer, it was quite fun and a nice little money maker. It was hard to part with things as I felt I was not getting enough valued for beloved items which I no longer needed, but all in all it was a great experience. Unfortunately I don't know of any indoor car boot style markets in my area so this may have to wait until the summer if I can't discover one.

That's about it for me, seem to have babbled on a bit! Would love to know what your New Year's resolutions are!