Friday, 24 January 2014

NOTD: Models Own Southern Lights

This gorgeous and extremely sparkly nail polish is eagerly fighting its way to the top of the list for my favourite polish already. I have been using it all throughout January and absolutely love it! The Models Own Southern Lights is a stunning pale silvery blue glitter nail polish with multicoloured flecks. I find it is the most effective when two coats are applied. This polish looks absolutely amazing if it's sunny outside or your hands are wet, as it reflects light in such a pretty way. It is nice to work with and I found it is generally chip free for the first couple of days after application, however my nails tips don't seem to last any longer than that. I sort of find I have to keepreapplying the tips often, but i get that problem wth a lot of glitter nail polishes.

Overall: This polish is sooo beautiful and I would highly recommend you all to try it out!

 (As the first pic was instagrammed, here is one of the originals so you can see the true colour)
Enjoy :)