Monday, 19 May 2014

Face Mask Mondays #4

This instalment features perhaps my favourite Montagne Jeunesse mask so far. This Strawberry Soufflé moisturising and purifying masque is of a thin consistency, with pink beads, similar to a gentle exfoliator.

Very gentle on the skin, the mask has cleansing properties and initially leaves the skin feeling very smooth. After the mask has been washed off it seems to bring out any impurities in the skin right to the surface. Although a little drying, this mask was lovely to use, leaving the skin feeling soft and fresh, it is winning as my favourite so far. With strawberry extracts and whipped cream, you can only imagine how amazingly scented this mask is, and I just could not get enough!
Have you tried any of these Montagne Jeunesse masks so far?