Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Trip to Leeds

Fancying a bit of a change I went off to explore the wonderful Leeds, of course stopping by a few stores. I was most excited about heading to Kiko Cosmetics as I haven't yet been to a Kiko store in UK but have heard them spoken about in the blogosphere. Like a kid in a candy store, this is what I went for:

The smart lipstick in 906, two nail polishes and two water eye shadows in 215 (shimmery dark blue) and 213 (shimmery dark green).

Tucked away a couple of doors was this absolute gem of a store - The YorksHire Soap Company (one of only three stores; Leeds, York and Hebden Bridge). It was a lovely shopping experience and I was served by the founder himself, who was very passionate about the products. I was also impressed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff who were really helpful.

All the products very beautifully scented and I really didn't want to leave. In the end I opted for a cherry bakewell cupcake and a birthday cupcake for a friend, but I was super tempted to get a slice of cake in apple blossom - maybe next time eh! Gutted there isn't one these in Manchester.

Next I set off to Sally's Salon services where I picked up Ardell Lashes in 111 and a Heel to Toe Exfoliating scrub.

A few bits from Holland and Barrett:

And lastly, on my way home, grabbing a drink from Asda turned into picking a selection of Yankee Candle samples in Vanilla Frosting, Merry Berry, Christmas Treats, Soft Cotton and Camomile Tea.

Leeds definitely gets my seal of approval!