Thursday, 11 December 2014

NOTD // Christmas Party nails with Jack Wills

In the run up to the New Year I like to sift through all of my make-up boxes, drawers, bags and any other random places to dig out forgotten treasures that tend to get saved for special occasions but  then seem to be hidden forever. In my recent find I discovered a 'Holiday Season' nail varnish set by Jack Wills, with 5 gorgeous colours to choose from. Purchased some time ago, I think I've only ever managed to use one of them, with 4 more autumnal/fall colours yet to play with. With my work Christmas party coming up next week I decided to go with a gorgeous glitter fuchsia combination in the shades Cerise and Pink Glitter, as a trial run.
Here is the finished product:
(It looks much shinier in person, I promise)
Glittery pinks and purples are perfect for the party season and now is the time to dig yours out! As much as I love this colour combo I was really not impressed with the quality of these polishes, especially Cerise. Not for writing negative reviews usually, but I think that nail varnishes are definitely not JW's strong point. The base polish tried with translucent finish, which in my opinion doesn't look nice at all with darker colour. Two coats later the covering still wasn't too my taste. The pink glitter disguised this so well and I was initially very happy the finished effect. unfortunately on the second day of wear I noticed some chipping! Quick chipping polish is a big issue for me and happens fairly quickly no matter which brand I use, but to only make it one day in perfect condition, was a bit much. I will keep rooting through my collection to find a similar shade to go with the pink dress I will be wearing to my Christmas party.
What colours are you wearing this party season?