Wednesday, 28 January 2015

NOTD: Glittery neutral nails - Rimmel VS SpaRitual

So I was initially going to do a post about a gorgeous SpaRitual polish in Ballet which I'd recently purchased, however as I went to put it with the rest of my nail polishes I realised I already have a very similar one! Turns out I'd had my Rimmel Space Dust nail polish in Aurora tucked away at the bottom of the draw, completely forgetting about it, even though I don't think I'd purchased it that long ago. As are very similar I thought I would show you them both. Rimmel is the more affordable brand of the two, with SpaRitual products are available at discount retailers such as TK Maxx.
So let's start with Rimmel. Great nail polish, great coverage after two coats, giving you an even coating of polish full of shimmer and sparkle.
The SpaRitual polish is also full of sparkle, goes on very evenly and the brush is slightly bigger, making the application process quicker. I also wore two coats of this polish, however if you're in a hurry and literally have 5 minutes to do your nails you could get away with just one coat - like I did the first time I used it.
Both are gorgeous colours and finishes and so in terms of appearance I like them equally. However if I had to choose my favourite I would probably be the SpaRitual polish as it seems easier to apply and last a day or so longer without chipping (cos that's always a pain when it comes to glittery polishes!)
Which of these do you prefer?