Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Lips with So Susan Lip & Cheek Sublime

With Valentine's day just around the corner, it is the perfect occasion to wear a bright lip. Dark lip colours don't suit me at all so I've been dying for Spring to come around so I can go back to Spring pinks and Summer reds. Whilst riffling throw my lip stash I found this So Susan Lip and Cheek Sublime (stain) which  purchased at the clothes Show (the trip before last). I was absolutely loving it last summer. Although I haven't really seen So Susan products on sale in stores, they are available on their website here:

I love this lip stain as its highly pigmented and applies really well. The staying power is pretty good too, as when the initial creamy formula wears off, the raspberry colour remains. Raspberry is probably the best I can classify this! The swatch looks pink more-so than red, however in natural light it is definitely more of red, but hey, you decide! Unlike other lip stains I've used, I like the fact that the formula is pretty much that of a lipstick, just with great staying power, as opposed to a thin more liquid-like formula that you tend to get with other stains, as I find they end up making my lips look and feel pretty dry.

As much as I have rekindled my love for this lovely lip colour, I don't think I would pay the current price of £10 for it, I think I would probably go to a more well known/reviewed brand like Revlon or Bourjois if I was looking to get a new lip crayon/stain product.

What colour lip will you be going with for V-day?