Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo // Original vs Dark?

The Batiste dry shampoo is a real life saver when it comes to those lazy days when all you need is a quick pick me up to revive your hair. Being a dedicated fan of the Batiste dry shampoo for a long while (the cherry one smells deeeelicious), I still felt there was something missing.... then it came along - the Batiste dry shampoo with a hint of dark and deep brown designed for brunettes, best thing ever right? At first I absolutely loved it but then came the flaws. I can never decide which one I prefer, so now I always try to have both at hand. 

Batiste original:

Pros -Available in lots of lovely scents. Doesn't rub off on things

Cons - Visible in dark hair, brushing a lot of it out loses volume too.

Batiste dark:

Pros - Less visible when applied to dark hair. Can apply a lot without worrying about the residue.

Cons - Rubs off on hands ( I like running my fingers through my hair), rubs off on cushion (spontaneous naps). I wish there were more scents to chose from!!

Which one is your favourite? Brunettes - do you love the dark dry shampoo do you stick with the original?