Sunday, 3 November 2013

October Empties

This month I have tried to be good and concentrate on using up products that I've had for agessss but never really got around to using. I think this went quite well, and my beloved eyeliner had run out so it gave me the excuse to try something new.

Having sooo many various moisturisers and creams, it is so difficult to actually get through everything without it going to waste, and I'm not helping my situation as I keep buying more and more products.. oops! But here we go ...
So this month we have:

Max Factor Seamless Make up Foundation in 01 Porcelain: I've had this rolling around my make up chest for absolutely ages, but it is now time to part with it. We've had good days and bad days, probably bad mostly. I don't think it was very suitable for my skin type, as with this being a liquid foundation it was very runny and I have dry skin.. so the two did not really get on. I have had this for so long that I'm not sure if Max Factor even make this anymore. This sorta thing may work for people with normal/oily skin but really didn't work for me.

Would I purchase this product again: Yes Maybe No

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in 001 Black: The most amazing eyeliner ever! It is very durable, wit no need for touch ups during the day. I would most definitely repurchase this product as it is so wonderful, but for now I'm going to try a different one from the Rimmel range.. to broaden my horizon haha.

Would I purchase this product again: Yes Maybe No

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in 020 Cameo: This is my all time favourite high street/drug store foundation, not a bad word to say about it. Already have a new bottle ready and waiting so there will be a full review to come soon!

Would I purchase this product again: Yes Maybe No
Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Cream in Secret Wonderland

This body cream is AMAZING! The scent is absolutely wonderful, the cream has a really sweet, berry like smell and it is soooo nice! It keeps your skin moisturised and smelling so lovely for a prolonged period of time. The consistency is just perfect, as the cream is not too thick and not too runny. I purchased this a while ago whilst studying in the US and haven't had an opportunity to repurchase anymore as far as I am aware Bath and Body Works products are not on sale in the UK... but if anyone can prove me wrong I will be the happiest girl ever!! I have also tried the vanilla bean moisturiser from the Christmas range which was so sooo wonderfully scented! Although whenever I applied it my friends thought I smelt much more of chocolate than vanilla, but hey, that's no reason to complain. I absolutely love the products from the B&BW range, just such a shame they are not easily available in the UK. I would highly recommend these!

Would I purchase this product again: Yes Maybe No HELL YES (if I could)

Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream for Dry & Sensitive skin : This is a staple in my (very) basic skin care bag, so there will be a full review to come! Love this!

Would I purchase this product again: Yes Maybe No

Jergens Naturals Extra Softening Body Moisturiser with Shea Butter: I am sort of in two minds about this product. It moisturises reasonably well and is a great consistency and the scent is really gentle, almost almond like. Although this is a nice product I can't say I was wowed by it. I generally prefer moisturises with really strong sweet smells, as well as their skin softening power. I received this moisturiser as part of a goody bag at the Clothes Show at the Birmingham NEC a while, and although there wasn't much I disliked about this product, I am not sure if I would purchase this myself. However, if you are someone who likes gentle, barely there, scented creams then I would recommend that you check this out.

Would I purchase this product again: Yes Maybe No

If you've tried any of these products, would to know what you thought!