Friday, 29 November 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection // Favourite brand - make up

This week's #BritishBloggerSelection theme was to write about your favourite make up brand. This, for me, has been a huge struggle as I love many products from various brands. I am a big fan of French cosmetic brands and although I am not yet in a position to be splurging out on the likes of Chanel, I have already discovered some pretty good gems.

After a lot of deliberating I still couldn't decide, so this week I am going to cheat and pick 2, both of which I absolutely adore equally!

Bourjois - I have so sooo many Bourjois favourites I don't know where to start! Their eye shadows are gorgeous and long lasting and the Volumizer mascara is amazing, by far one of the best high street mascaras available. Not to mention the wonderful range of blushers, they smell so nice too (as far as blushers go haha). The Bourjois Healty Mix foundation is another one of my favourites from this brand.

L'Oreal Paris - some of my first ever items of make up were from L'Oreal and it instantly became one of my favourite brands! My favourite are the Glam Shine lipglosses, they look gorgeous and glossy and last amazingly well (especially the 6-hour-stay ones), with the heart shaped wand being an extra little treat. I also absolutely adore the holographic eye shadows, my first, a silver one I've had for years and it is as perfect as it was when I first purchased it.

Do you like Bourjois and L'Oreal Paris? Would love to hear what your favourite products are!