Monday, 17 March 2014

Face Mask Mondays #2

This week's instalment of Mask Mondays presents the Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate, cocoa and orange, pore cleansing masque with self heating properties.

Shortly after coming in contact with the skin, the mask instantly graces you with a lovely warm sensation. Deceptively, the mask is nothing like the colour on the packaging, as it is a rich chocolatey colour, not orange. With the mask feeling lovely and warm it was all too easy to relax away and lose track of time, so both times I used it I ended up keeping it on longer than I should have done. Not as gentle as mask #1, this Hot Chocolate goodness felt a little drying and left my skin feeling very tight.

Although I enjoyed using this mask it became quite clear that it is not very suitable for my skin type. There is still some left in the sachet and this time I'll make sure I do not keep it on for longer than 10 minutes, maybe it will not be as drying?

Have you used this mask before? Would love to know what you thought!

(apologies for the terrible image quality... but face mask close ups do not look great haha)