Monday, 3 March 2014

Face Mask Mondays

One of my New Year's resolutions which was getting severely neglected was to improve my skincare routine, about time I start working on that! Whilst having a clearout over the weekend I found a bunch of these Montagne Jeunesse face masks which I'd completely forgotten about. From now on, the next 8 or 9 Mondays will become 'Face Mask Mondays', where each week I will reveal a mask from my collection and let you know how I got on.


The first instalment is the wonderful 'Very Berry Ultra Moisturising and Cleansing Mask', containing blueberry and cranberry extract, with the most deeeeelicious scent. The formulae is of a lovely screamy consistency, pinky purple in colouring.

The mask nourished and cleansed, leaving the skin wonderfully soft. Overall - I was impressed! Although feeling a little uncomfortable when drying, but I guess you will get that with any mask of such sort, it left my skin feeling super smooth and fresh. Easy to apply and remove this mask was a pleasure to play with and I would happily repurchase it.

Score - 9/10 (the smooth and soft feel didn't last as long as I would have liked it to)