Thursday, 20 March 2014

NOTD // Topshop Nails

Having not done of these for a while, it was time to post a review of nail polish I have been absolutely loving the moment! This gorgeous Topshop Nails number in Queen of Green has been by far my most worn nail polish in the month of March.

This green polish is sparkly but subtle, and although pastels are back in, it would also be perfect for Spring. Not having tried any Topshop nail polishes before, I was absolutely amazed at the staying power. Without a top coat I survived a whole 3 days absolutely chip free! If anything when worn with a topcoat chips started springing up on day 2. After trying this little one I am very keen to purchase more polishes from the Topshop collection, as the impressive quality was a very pleasant surprise.

Now to decide.. which Topshop nail polish should I purchase next? All suggestions welcome :)