Thursday, 13 March 2014

VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo

An absolute dry shampoo convert, it was time to stray away from the safety zone of Batiste and try out an alternative product, the VO5 Plump it up Dry Shampoo. This product aims to boost body and grip, while refreshing your style.


This dry shampoo has a lovely scent and a gentle texture. It does freshen up your hair but without leaving a thick white residue, which I often found with Batiste. Some dry shampoos, a TreSemme in particular can feel a bit too wet and have a distinct hair spray scent. Wonderfully, this VO5 dry shampoo successfully avoids this also. As it is very gentle in the way it works, I feel like I have to apply a lot of product in order to achieve the desired effect, leading to a bit of battle with the grey-ish streaks. It is lovely to use and feels a lot lighter in your hair than other dry shampoos I have used, making it ideal for a quick freshen up session or to add a bit of extra volume. Would happily purchase this product again!