Sunday, 13 October 2013

Victoria's Secret Beauty Products

With only a handful of Victoria's Secret stores in the UK I feel utterly obliged to go in one if I happen to be in one of the stores' host cities. I first discovered VIctoria's secret and their wonderful cosmetics and beauty range whilst studying abroad in the USA a couple of years ago. When I first found out about VS stores opening in the UK I got very excited, but unfortunately the cosmetics range is nowhere near as extensive as it is in the US stores. But hey, atleast we've got something.
Seeing as there was a 5 for £30 offer on, I felt it would be rude not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. With so many products in the beauty range it was very difficult to choose only 5, but after a lot of deliberation I finally settle on my favourites. I'm a big fan on sweet, floral scents and sweet, sugarry, vanilla scents, so here's what I got: 

Fragrance mists: in Sugared Lilac and Pure Daydream (both smell really sweet and absolutely divine!)

Body moisturisers: in Love Spell and Pure Dream to compliment the fragrance mist.
In terms of consistency, these were probably my favourite over the body butters (I feel theyre too thick and get under my nails, awks) and the body lotions (which are quite runny and I don't really feel they leave your skin that well moisturised), as they were just perfect.
and finally a body wash in Pure Seduction
I felt that Pure Seduction and Pure Daydream had a very similar scent, but Pure Daydream was little bit sweeter and a little lighter.
It was so difficult to choose as they all smell so nice! Have you tried any of Victoria's Secret beauty products? Would love to hear which are your favourite!