Sunday, 6 October 2013

NOTD: Bourjois Paris Manicure Nail Toppings & Models Own Nail Polish

I thought I would try something new and had a play with nail caviar. Various brands have introduced these but I decided to settle with the Bourjois Paris Manicure Nail Toppings in Coral Bikini. The little Coral Bikini beads consist of beautiful reds, oranges, golds and silvers. The base colour I used is a Models Own nail polish from the pastel collection in the colour Fuzzy Peach which I thought would be a good match. I think it would also look good with white or gold polishes, which would be nice to try in the future.


As pretty as these are, I found the nail toppings a little difficult to work with. The neck of the bottle is quite wide, so when applying these make sure you have a sheet of paper with the corners folded up, or a box underneath your hand to collect the excess (which there will be a lot of). I experimented with one and two coats of the base colour and found that two base coats work better, as the nail toppings seemed to stick much better. In terms of durability, I have mixed feelings. The beads on one of my hands lasted considerably better than on the other, so I would recommend you leave any cleaning or any fiddly duties till after you take the toppings off.
The nail toppings do look lovely, but as they don't last particularly well I am hesitant as to whether or not I would purchase any more colours.
How was your experience with nail toppings/caviar? Would love to hear your tips on getting them to stay on for longer :)